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September 2, 2014

79% of manufacturing industry in UK reports that energy is a business critical issue in year ahead

The UK’s manufacturing industry is turning to energy efficiency technologies to reduce costs and emissions as 79% of the industry reports that energy is a business critical issue in the year ahead.  Research from Siemens reports that 69% of the sector are planning to increase their investment in energy management during the next 12 months with particular emphasis in renewable and self-generation technologies.

Almost three quarters of the manufacturing industry has reported a beneficial impact on its bottom line as a result of managing their energy consumption more effectively with staff engagement acknowledged as a critical factor in any energy management strategy.

Commenting on the findings, Steve Barker, Head of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Care at Siemens Industry, said:
“It is most welcome to witness the progress the manufacturing sector is making, especially as one of the most energy-intensive areas of the UK economy.  Indeed, the recent publication of details concerning the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) continues to ensure that a focus on energy remains in the spotlight.  Progress in terms of leadership from the top, strategic planning, proactive staff engagement, and increased investment levels are all to be applauded – but the real reward for business is evidenced in the bottom line…

There are many manufacturers already leading the way and, together with expert technology partners, they can help to inspire and educate those who say they have ‘other priorities’ over and above energy management.  For UK industry, the challenges around managing energy consumption will only intensify in the years to come and doing nothering is not an option for businesses that want to thrive.”

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