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Costs We Reduce

We have been successfully working with businesses for over 11 years to help improve their profitability by reducing costs on their essential services.  With a detailed knowledge of the market, we are able to negotiate a better deal on your behalf as well as advising on different ways to reduce consumption and improve processes. 

What’s more, unlike many other cost consultants, you keep 100% of savings (except for water and waste).


Call Costs: Our aim is to achieve maximum cost savings on your call costs without compromising on customer service levels. We only partner Tier 1 providers. If you are a BT customer or with another telecom provider, we can save you on average 40% of your call costs and line rental charges. You can find out how much you can save by contacting us for an analysis of your latest bill.

Line Rental: As well as reducing your call charges, we also recommend you transfer your line rental to the same provider. This will result in further cost-savings as well as simplifying your administration by combining the two services in one monthly bill.


Broadband: We can advise you on a range of broadband packages including:

  • 8mb, 12mb, 24mb download speeds
  • Shared broadband
  • EFM (Ethernet First Mile)
  • AnnexM
  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • Leased Line

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol):
VoIP is now a viable and effective alternative to a traditional telephony. We can advise you on which VoIP system is suitable for your requirements and budget. The different VoIP solutions include Hosted IP, SIP and IP connected to your existing telephone system.

Inbound Calls – 0845s
You can either have a non-geographic number (0800, 0844, 0845 etc.) or a geographic number from any UK location (0121, 0161 etc ) and benefit from:

  • feature-rich, scalable, cost-effective telephony with no capital outlay
  • disaster recovery by instantly re-directing calls to another site
  • call-recording for compliance or training
  • the ability to provide outstanding customer service eg. managing callers during busy hours or when the office is closed
  • use with any number, anywhere, on any device

These inbound services can be set up in minutes for maximum operational flexibility. You will also have access to a secure online portal allowing you to manage your inbound calls and providing you with a detailed call analysis


After establishing your current and future mobile requirements, we will provide you with a full analysis of your mobile billing and data. We will then propose the most suitable and cost-effective tariff for your requirements and advise you on the different handsets.

Telephone Systems

Choosing the right telephone system for your business can be a complicated process. We will work with you to ensure that you purchase a system that is affordable, scalable and is also future-proof.

Banking Charges

Banking is one of those areas that many business owners never review although in many cases bank charges can be lowered and deposit incomes increased simply by challenging the existing arrangement.

We can carry out a full review of interest charges and fees and provide a number of options regarding the appropriate course of action. We act as the invisible negotiator between the client and the bank, providing letter templates and advice every step of the way so the client is always in full control. We can also provide all year round help and annual checks to ensure your bank charges and deposit account incomes are competitive & current.

Electricity and Gas

The cost of energy is a major overhead for every business. The market is extremely competitive with prices changing daily. We can provide specialist procurement advice in relation to energy supply as well as managing energy data and bill validation.  We are able to offer our clients either a fixed contract when we would watch the market and look for the best purchasing time or flexi purchasing when we work with our clients to create a Risk Management Strategy based on numerous indicators and questions, setting triggers etc.

But it’s not only about price, it’s also about ways to reduce your consumption and making your business become more energy efficient.  We can help you pay less for your energy AND reduce the amount of energy you use.

If you are interested in reading about where the energy in UK comes from, read the article “Where do we get our energy from” that can be found under “News” on our website and was published on 27th August, 2014.

If you and your business are concerned about the environment, then find out more about one of our electricity suppliers whose electricity tariff comes from 100% renewable electricity sourced from certified renewable sources in UK.  For further details, click on green procurement under specialist areas or alternatively click on the link:

Another way to reduce your energy bills is by reducing the amount of energy you use – typically 20% of a business’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment.  Contact us to arrange a survey to find out how much you can save by for example replacing the halogen bulbs in your office with LED lights.


We use specialist water surveyors to review your business’s inflow and outflow charges, to check on gauge measurements and leaks. We negotiate with the water authority if we feel there is an error. Savings achieved can be backdated for up to 6 years and 3 years in advance.

Waste Management

Sustainability issues are affecting every business, with legal obligations becoming more and more strictly regulated even if you are not dealing with hazardous materials. We will assess your waste disposal and recycling needs and provide you with an analysis showing the different options available with our objective being to get maximum volume going through cheaper streams and where possible consolidate your suppliers. Once our recommendation has been implemented, we will continue to monitor your usage and make changes when necessary to make sure that your waste disposal costs stay as low as possible.

Other Areas

We can also look at other areas of procurement including business rates and insurance.