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November 6, 2013

Energy Consumption – Heating

Following on from last month’s article, another area that businesses can save money is heating.  Heating accounts for 20-40% of energy costs in a typical office environment and therefore is an area where substantial savings can be made.

  • Control System: Adjustments to control and siting of panel can reduce costs – did you know that by reducing the heating temperature by just 1 degree, fuel consumption can be cut by 8%?
  • Consider upgrading your heating system.  Latest technology includes a compensator which automatically regulates the heating temperature depending upon the weather outside or an optimum start which works out how quickly the building reaches the desired temperature and brings the heating on at the optimum time prior to the first person arriving at the office
  • Keep the systemp clear and unobstructed e.g. do not place furniture in front of radiators
  • Regularly service boilers and pipework.  Gas boilers should be serviced once a year, oil boilers twice a year


Information taken from Carbon Trust, Leaflet CTV007

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