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March 31, 2014

From Shale Gas to Tight Oil

If you thought that fracking for shale gas was controversial, wait for the response to tight oil.  The Department for Energy and Climate Change has commissioned an initial survey by British Geographical Society on an area in southern England called The Weald.  Although much works needs to be done – no fracking has yet taken place to test the rocks – according to leaks to the Press, the report suggests that the potential is very high.  So why the delay in publishing the report?  The Weald includes areas of considerable wealth and many residents will vehemently oppose drilling.  But with high energy costs and dependence on countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia to provide us with oil, it is time to bring into the open a debate on how natural resources “that are potentially of huge national value are going to be developed”.  Nick Butler, Financial Times, 30th March, 2014.

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