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Specialist Areas

We offer the following specialist services:

Moving Office

Once the decision has been made to move offices and new premises have been found, use our checklist (pdf file can be downloaded below) to help make your move easier. With so many things to remember, it is easy to overlook telling your electricity, gas or water supplier or giving your telecoms provider sufficient notice of the date of your move. Moving also provides you with an opportunity to review your current set-up. A couple of questions for you to consider:

  • do you need to update or replace your telephone system or have you considered the merits of using VoIP
  • do you want to keep your existing number or have you considered choosing a NGN (eg 0800, 0844) which will give you a national presence

pdfMoving Offices Checklist

Once the decision has been made to move office and new premises have been found, use our checklist to help make your move as efficient and stress free as possible.
Download PDF Heresave-to-disk

Start-Up / Small Business

If you are starting or have just set up a new business, it is imperative to keep costs to a minimum at the same time as ensuring that you have chosen a business supplier that gives you excellent customer service.

Many small businesses begin by choosing a residential telecom/broadband package. Although this may seem attractive because of the lower monthly cost savings, the problems start if there is a fault. With poor customer service and no named account manager, hours can be wasted on the phone trying to resolve the problem. We can help you choose the most suitable start-up/small business package for your requirements. This can include one or more of the following – telecoms, broadband, line rental and mobile solutions.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a major disaster or a minor incident, continued operations are vital for any business. We can advise you of the most suitable solution for your business which can include:

  • SIP Trunks used in conjunction with ISDN channels;
  • hosted IP solutions;
  • non-geographic numbers (0800, 0844, 0871 etc.);
  • two broadband connections with different network operators

Renewable Energy

In UK, we get our energy from National Grid so there is no guarantee that the energy you use is totally green.  However, according to DUKES – Digest of UK Energy Statistics – progress has been made towards the UK reaching its target of sourcing 15% of its electricity from renewables by 2020.  In 2013, 5.2% of our energy came from renewables, an increase of 1.0% from 2012.

If you are interested in making your business green and sustainable, please contact us for further details.

For more information about where UK gets its electricity from, read the news item which was published on 27.8.14.

Multi-site Offices

If you’re a multi-office company, you can enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

  • Energy: depending on your usage, we can negotiate and organise with the energy companies common end dates (co-terminus dates) which will result in a higher energy audit and therefore a lower tariff
  • Telecoms: a VoIP or Hosted VoIP solution may well be the most cost effective and feature rich solution for you. Also by combining your spend, you will enjoy greater cost-savings
  • Connectivity: there are a number of broadband products that may be suitable for your usage and geographical locations including Leased Lines, EFM and FTTC. We can provide you with different quotes and advise you which is the best product for your requirements